Grant Assurance 12 Terminal Development Prerequisites

For projects which include terminal development at a public-use airport, as defined in Title 49, it has, on the date of submittal of the project grant application, all the safety equipment required for certification of such airport under section 44706 of Title 49, United States Code, and all the security equipment required by rule or regulation, and has provided for access to the passenger enplaning and deplaning area of such airport to passengers enplaning and deplaning from aircraft other than air carrier aircraft.

FAA Grant Assurance 12

Grant Assurance 12 covers Terminal Development Prequisites. The essential purpose of the assurance is to ensure that regulatory safety and security equipment is in place. The airport must certify that the equipment required for certification under Part 139 and Part 1542 is available.

This Grant Assurance does not apply to non-Federally funded projects or at non-certificated airports.

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