Merging Education & Strategy to Deliver Real Results

Understanding civil aviation isn’t rocket science, however, it is more complex than what appears at face value. Airport University is where the rubber meets the road in taking real-life practitioners and information to help tomorrow’s aviation professionals make a difference.

Leading Change

Change is often difficult. People are resistant to it or leaders fear the unknown. Educating yourself and your team is a great way to be a change agent.

Ideas come in all sizes. Understanding why things operate the way they do is key to running a lean, effective organization. The more people who know how airports work and why, the better chance you will fulfill your mission.


Admin and Finance

Administration and Finance includes the general management of the airport, finance, human resources, and marketing.

Planning and Engineering

Planning and engineering includes departments responsible for carrying out capital improvements, master planning, and forecasting.

Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance includes terminal and airfield operations, maintenance, ARFF, and law enforcement.


There are many more systems and processes involved in managing a civil airport in the United States.

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