Aviation 101

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) program began in the early 1980s to extend opportunities to minority and women-owned businesses to do business within aviation. The … Read More

Airport Lease Agreements

Airport Lease Agreements

Leases are contracts between parties to provide access to land, property, or a service from one party to another for a specified time period and … Read More

Your Complete Guide to Airport Finances

Airport Finances

Airports in the United States are designed to be self-sustaining entities. The origins of civil aviation in the US laid the foundation for users of … Read More

Grant Assurance 1 - General Federal Requirements

Grant Assurance 1 – General Federal Requirements

As stated in Grant Assurances, the Airport Sponsor accepts the obligations and conditions of the Federal government in exchange for either property or money (Airport … Read More


Grant Assurances

Grant assurances are a method the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates and controls locally owned airports to ensure a return on their investment. By accepting … Read More


Who Owns the Airport?

Across the globe, airport management and ownership varies greatly. Even within the United States, the type of ownership varies, with the exception that almost all … Read More